Fully Escorted and Inclusive Cultural & Language Tour for High School Students. 

This tour is designed as a comprehensive introduction to Japan.  Locations and experiences have been selected and information will be offered to encourage understanding and develop knowledge of language, cuisine, history, traditional and modern culture and practice, heritage and futuristic architecture and technology, geography, and values.

Children participating in educational travel are inspired by exposure to new people, ideas, and experiences that bring positive effects across all learning areas. Language, cuisine, traditional and modern culture and practice, visual arts, music, heritage and futuristic architecture and technology, geography, can be observed and experienced.  The journey transpires the walls of classrooms to provide meaningful experiences, insight and opportunities for discussion about society, world history, politics, economy, cultural heritage and shared values. Students mature intellectually and personally. Developing awareness of cultural and racial diversity helps prepare young people for a future in an increasingly global community.

Japan has all of this to offer.  Japan is also known for hospitality, efficient and reliable transport, good quality food, a low crime rate, and is generally considered one of the safest places in the world to travel.

Shoji Australia is a Perth based travel agency with over 30 years of experience.  The agency focus is on coordinating educational and cultural programs for Japanese and Australia students.  Programs cater for individual students and groups and Shoji Australia has worked in partnerships with government and private primary schools and high schools over WA and interstate.  Shoji Australia staff has both native Japanese, bilingual and native English speakers with backgrounds in business, education and the travel industry with both local and international knowledge and experience.  All Shoji Australia staff have current Working with Children Checks.

DATES Meet in Tokyo TBC
Finish in Tokyo TBC
8 nights stay in Japan
Supervision by two chaperones
All Accommodations
All transportation
All meals
Admissions for specified itinerary
3 nights homestay
School visit & immersion program
Educational workshops and sightseeing
Rural experience
Support from your friendly tour leader
Pre-departure documents including detailed information booklet
Travel insurance
Snacks and personal spending


  • Tokyo cultural and modern icons
  • Taiko drum workshop
  • Harajuku Kawaii cafe
  • Tokyo Edo Museum
  • Ghibli Museum (subject to availability)
  • Tokyo Tower
  • Samurai Museum
  • NHK Studio Park
  • Snow Experience
  • Japanese traditional art workshops
  • Bullet trains
  • School visit and immersion program
  • Rural homestay program

Day 1: Depart Perth

21:45 Depart Perth Airport on All Nippon Airways direct flight (NH881)

Day 2: Arrive Tokyo

8:25 Arrive at Tokyo Narita Airport. From Narita Airport there will be an express train ride into central Tokyo.  The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building Observatory will offer a day view over the Tokyo prefecture and all the way to Mt. Fuji if the weather is good.  Exploring Shinjuku in the afternoon, will include visits to the Samurai Museum for a tour of armour & weaponry as well as a sword fighting demonstration, an introduction to the amazing food halls of Japanese department stores, and an anime shop.       

Day 3: Tokyo

A morning visit to the magnificent Meiji Shrine, set in a tranquil forest adjacent to one of Tokyo’s busiest shopping areas, will include a background to the Japanese Shinto religion & a lesson in the etiquette of visiting a shrine.  Moving on to funky Harajuku to be immersed inyoung Japanese fashion & culture will allow some shopping time & include lunch at the colourful mecca of cuteness that is Kawaii Monster Café.  In the afternoon there is the opportunity to learn about Japanese broadcasting at the NHK national TV network studio park & meet the NHK characters before heading into the main area of Shibuya, also known for youth fashion & culture, & famous for the Shibuya ‘scramble’ intersection.  

Day 4: Tokyo

The third day in Tokyo will start with the fun & interactive Ghibli Museum, showcasing the iconic art & animation of Miyazaki’s famous Studio Ghibli, famous for films such as “My Neighbour Totoro” & “Spirited Away”.  In the afternoon, there will be a short train ride to visit the Edo Tokyo Open Air Museum to view a collection of historic buildings from 19th to 20th century. Then, heading back into central Tokyo, a visit to Tokyo Tower (the world’s tallest steel tower & the second tallest structure in Japan) will provide an evening view of the amazing metropolis of Tokyo.

Day 5: Tokyo

The Tokyo Edo Museum in Ryogoku will provide a further history component to the tour as it expertly models the development of the small village of Edo to the modern megacity of Tokyo.  Moving on to the vibrant tourist hub of Asakusa will introduce the atmosphere of old Tokyo.  Here the ancient, vermillion coloured Sensō-ji, Tokyo’s oldest & perhaps most significant Buddhist temple, will be the introduction to Japanese Buddhism & temple etiquette.Wandering the market-style arcadesof traditional Japanese souvenirs & crafts will be a great cultural experience as well as a shopping opportunity.   The afternoon will also include a fun taiko drumming workshop.

Day 6: Bullet train to Niigata

Heading out of Tokyo by bullet train will lead to Niigata prefecture & a snow covered countryside.  This will be the beginning of a one & a half day visit to a local high school where joining classes, having lunch at school, & making friends with Japanese students will become a highlight of the tour.  An unforgettable Japanese cultural experience will be three nights homestay offering unique insight into the heart of Japanese society & culture, as well as fun family experiences.

Day 7: Niigata

Niigata school visit & homestay

Day 8: Niigata

Niigata homestay & rural experience

Day 9: Returning to Tokyo

Another half a day with the host family, before re-joining the group in the early afternoon for a return bullet train ride to Tokyo & on to Narita airport for an overnight stay before heading back to Perth.

Day 10: Depart Tokyo, travelling home

Depart Tokyo Narita Airprot at 11am, arriving in Perth at 8:15pm