Celebrating the magic of Hydrangea
The blooming of a seasonal flower is a time for celebration and viewing in Japan and late spring is the time you can see magnificent arrays of Hydrangea, called ajisai in Japanese.  Given the Japanese appreciation for nature it is not surprising that flowers have a special significance.  The ancient custom of hanakotoba (literally meaning flower-words) describes the practice of assigning meanings to flowers (and their colours) and using them to convey an emotional message to the recipient.  The arrangement of the flowers also became as meaningful as the flower itself.  In Japan Hydrangeas generally signify pride but they can also be used to represent love and good health.  The hanakotobafor Hydrangea are – pink flowers for good health, blue for everlasting feelings, and white for generosity (making them a perfect flower for mother’s day in the northern hemisphere).  The hanakotobafor Hydrangea however can also be fickleness and affairs based on the petals changing colour as the seasons progress.


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